13 January 2021


Hello, everyone!
This is TBWA\HAKUHODO Communications team.

If it’s the first time you hear our name and are not familiar with us, you may be wondering – “what is this company with such a long name?” “is it a Japanese company?”

TBWA\HAKUHODO is a full-service advertising agency established as a joint venture between TBWA\Worldwide and Hakuhodo – Japan’s one of the most representative advertising agencies.

We have a long history of partnerships with some of the world’s most recognizable global companies, fully utilizing our broad networks in both Japan and internationally. Many of the advertisements we have produced with our clients so far may have left a lasting impression on you no matter where you have encountered them.

People who work in the advertising industry or are interested in advertising may think of us as a cool creative company that has won so many domestic and global advertising awards. Indeed, we have gratefully received many prestigious awards in recognition of the outstanding creative works.

STORIES of us that haven’t been told –


However –
We don’t think of TBWA\HAKUHODO as just an advertising company.

A distinct CULTURE created from the powerful convergence of TBWA’s proprietary Disruption® philosophy together with Hakuhodo’s “Sei-katsu-sha philosophy” (“Consumer with a heartbeat” marketing tenet); and the CREATIVITY born of this unique culture goes beyond the realm of advertising and creates new value for society.

There are just so many stories that can’t be told from the advertisements we are creating.

In this “STORIES” section, we will be sharing stories that you don’t find anywhere else, about our #PEOPLE, our works of #CREATIVITY, #CULTURE, and our way of changing the world #FORGOOD.


The most important element in TBWA\HAKUHODO is each and every one of our members, who we call “Pirates”. We will introduce various people and teams of our “fellow pirates” that transcend gender, nationality, and background to create a culture.


The works created by the “one-of-a-kind” TBWA\HAKUHODO, are highly regarded not only in Japan, but in Asia and all around the world. We will tell you the secret “behind stories” about the thoughts and production process which you can’t see just by looking at the creative projects.


We will be introducing our core value Disruption®️, which breaks conventions and finds new visions, and the unique culture that is born from the Disruptive mind.


Our way of effort to create a more fun and better world is called “TH FOR GOOD” – and we will be sharing various projects that are going on to change the world.

STORIES will be updated regularly – so please stay tuned !

Communications team (koho@tbwahakuhodo.co.jp)