A Recipe for the Future of Food

03 August 2023

・Proprietary research by TBWA’s Backslash reveals which Disruptive cultural forces have the potential to revolutionize the Future of Food
・Optimized health, freedom of choice, and climate change were identified as the most influential ingredients driving spend in the category

Backslash — the cultural intelligence unit of TBWA\Worldwide — has cooked up the fourth report in its “Future of” series. More than an observational report, the “Future of Food” outlines clear opportunities for businesses to capture a greater share of the future.

This report comes at a crucial time, as food is finding itself at the center of today’s most urgent issues – ranging from climate change to social justice. This means that food is no longer being assessed as a standalone industry, but as a key ingredient in the push toward a brighter future.

Agathe Guerrier, Global Chief Strategy Officer of TBWA\Worldwide notes: “For a long time, progress in food meant convenience. But the result is that we’ve become disconnected from the natural processes through which ingredients become food — negatively impacting our health, the planet, and equal access to nutrition. It’s time for hands-on participation from brands and consumers.”

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