Hi Toilet – a “contactless” toilet



My inspiration to design a fully voice activated toilet came about after much research and reading around users’ behaviours in public toilets across Europe and the US to avoid contact with the surface; 60% stepping on toilet levers to flush, 50% opening the door with toilet paper, 40% closing the door with hip, 30% avoiding hand-contact as much as possible by using elbow.

After three years of research, planning and designing, we came up with the concept of the VOICE COMMAND Toilet, “Hi Toilet” where all commands were activated by voice. This idea has been in place long before the arrival of COVID-19, but COVID accelerated the acceptance of this unique user experience in terms of “toilets being contactless”. If this toilet could deliver a “Clean City Tokyo” image to the world, I would be extremely happy.

Assistance on Architectural Design: Kubo Tsushima Architects
Assistance on Voice Command: Birdman
Assistance on External Design: quantum

THE TOKYO TOILET builds 17 public toilets that can be used by anyone in Shibuya, Tokyo, as a way of moving toward the realization of a society that embraces diversity. The facilities are gender-inclusive, accommodate the elderly, parents of young children, and those with disabilities. While toilets in Japan are recognized as some of the most innovative designs globally, the perception towards public toilets are dark, dirty, smelly and scary. The project also aims to dismiss these perceptions by collaborating with 16 leading creators from Japan and abroad, including TBWA\HAKUHODO’s chief creative officer Kazoo Sato to showcase the endless power of creativity and design. The Kazoo-designed toilet will be the 12th toilet that is open to the public