Otsuka Pharmaceutical – BODY MAINTE “Fitness, in my hands” ver.


Imagine – starting your morning on a high note.
The city you’ve always known looks radiant.
Your footsteps feel light as if you are floating on air.
The red light turns into a green light right in front of you,
and even the sudden rain seems to be a blessing.
Such a “too-good-to-be-true commute time” was captured in
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Body Mainte’s new TV CM, “Fitness, in my hands.”
It encourages people to keep their lives going strong by getting in shape.
The character in the commercial is Kohei Matsushita, who continues to show amazing performance in dramas, plays, songs, and variety shows.

We aimed to create a TV commercial that will make your heart beat just by watching it.
We hope that everyone who watches this will have their good day, everyday.