With the aim of helping people visualize and comprehend the challenges of Paralympians, TBWA\HAKUHODO and JPTTA collaborated to create special ping pong tables. The diverse range of physical challenges that the athletes faced was expressed by changing the shapes of the ping pong tables.


Interviews were conducted to twenty members of the Para Table Tennis National Team, each different disability of the players were visualized as a shape of the ping pong table. Each table came to represent the players’ identity, providing a chance to get to know the players. In addition, three types of tables were actually produced. Transforming the sport into something that anyone can “experience,” showed the diversity in the play style and game tactics unique only to para table tennis, bringing on a sense of respect towards the athletes. Above all, the Challenging Ping Pong Table was successful at transforming the process of understanding about disabilities into a form of entertainment in which people can learn while having fun.


The series of actions were implemented with the intent to rebrand Para Table Tennis. It captured Para Table Tennis as “a sport that most gathers different individualities,” inventing different shaped ping pong tables as visual icons.

It expressed the wonders of the sport with the diverse forms of the ping pong tables, and introduced the new “face” of Para Table Tennis with a bang to leave a great impact.