TBWA\HAKUHODO enters music partnership with BLACK CAT WHITE CAT

18 May 2018

TBWA\HAKUHODO has entered into a contract with the music agency BLACK CAT WHITE CAT.

BLACK CAT WHITE CAT has brought some of the most diverse musicians to the forefront of the contemporary music scene, featuring their unique talents in movies and advertising. Established by the LA-based composer Aska Matsumiya, Executive Producer Seiya Matsumiya is bridging the US based community of music professionals with the advertising industry in Japan, by establishing a Japan-based entity, BLACK CAT WHITE CAT Japan. Seiya Matsumiya has won numerous accolades for his work, including capturing both Emmy and CLIO Awards. His network encompasses an extensive community of both “up and coming”, and established Golden Globe and Grammy award-winning musicians and artists in and out of LA.

Traditionally, Japanese advertising business practice left music to the production company. Generally speaking, music is simply selected and inserted into communication at the editing stage. This partnership with BLACK CAT WHITE CAT however, will make it possible to infuse a powerhouse of musical talent directly into the mix right from the very beginning of the creative process. This musical component will inject dynamic new perspectives into the work done by TBWA\HAKUHODO, and propel it into even more exciting creative territory. While traditional advertising is bound to the conventional wisdom of always starting with a narrative, this partnership gives the agency a new avenue to disrupt “normal” practice, and to develop novel ideas and narratives around single rhythms, beats or sounds of all kinds. Presentations to clients will incorporate a more complete musical picture, providing a much more visceral, precise and holistic view of what new campaigns can potentially look, feel and sound. like.


Comment from Kazoo Sato, Chief Creative Officer/Executive Creative Director, TBWA\HAKUHODO
“Music has always been a fundamental part of advertising and creative communication. TBWA\CHIAT\DAY in LA even has a Music Director position, because music has played a central role in our approach to creative development from the beginning. We’ve now been able to translate this system in an ideal way at TBWA\HAKUHODO. The partnership with BLACK CAT WHITE CAT allows us access to music professionals with whom we can bounce off and develop creative ideas together. We can team up with top level composers as well as up and coming musicians/artists to create even more mind-blowing and category-defying creativity.”


Comment from Seiya Matsumiya, Executive Producer, BLACK CAT WHITE CAT 
“I’m looking forward to putting new sounds and new value out there as the musical partner for TBWA\HAKUHODO, giving birth to brand new creative output together.”


About BLACK CAT WHITE CAT (http://www.bwcatmusic.com/)


Aska Matsumiya Founder/Composer
Based in LA, Aska is a classically trained pianist from childhood. She has toured the world in numerous indie bands and is also active as a solo artist. She composed the title song “There Are Many of Us” for the 2010 Spike Jonze short “I’m Here”, marking her debut as a film composer. Since then she has composed music for films such as the 2015 Sundance grand prix winner “The Wolfpack” and the Koki Hasei directed “BLANKA” which headlined at the Venice International Film Festival. In 2018, she composed the score for “Skate Kitchen”, a feature film by Crystal Moselle set to be distributed throughout the US in August this year, and “State Like Sleep”, a film by Meredith Danluck that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. As a composer Aska is represented by WME.
She is active as music composer for advertising, Chanel, HERMES and other leading global brands using her compositions for their communications.
She established BLACK CAT WHITE CAT as a means to ensure that she and her musical peers will have a lasting presence in the world of advertising.


Seiya Matsumiya Executive Producer
After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Seiya based himself in LA to start his career in music. As a composer, he provided music for TV commercials, short movies, movie trailers and even gaming, while also making and performing his own music in the US West Coast and New York City scenes. Since 2013, he has expanded his scope to become a music producer, with a focus on movies and advertising. He has contributed music to a wide range of clients including CNN and Mercedes-Benz for TV and online communication in the US, Japan and China markets. He established BLACK CAT WHITE CAT Japan to build bridges and networks between the Japanese advertising world with musicians and artists in the US.



Aska Matsumiya, Founder/Composer(left) and Seiya Matsumiya, Executive Producer(right)
Aska Matsumiya, Founder/Composer(left) and Seiya Matsumiya, Executive Producer(right)