TikTok + TBWA Release Whitepaper Encouraging Businesses to Embrace Creative and Innovation

29 September 2023

TikTok and TBWA has released a new whitepaper titled, “Storytelling in the Next Creative Renaissance, which takes an in-depth look at the crucial role creativity and innovation play in contemporary marketing strategies. The Whitepaper highlights the significance and potency of everyday creativity by leveraging the power of the cultural zeitgeist through storytelling, while exploring its various applications on and off TikTok.

The paper shares how brands who have broken away from ‘best practises’, have discovered the possibilities on newer platforms, and are being rewarded. These brands are disrupting category conventions, capturing attention, creating on-going value, and gaining recognition.

The whitepaper also highlights the enormous potential for brands to influence across subcultures, as many of these subcultures already have global reach. In fact, as their relevance expands, so will the relevance of the brands already connected to them. While there may also be temptation for brands to hitch themselves to whichever niche has the greatest potential for growth, brands should instead engage with subcultures who share their worldview. Joining these conversations authentically is a shortcut to word-of-mouth promotion.

Press Release: click here