15 June 2023

TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Environmentally Friendly Protective Helmet Has Been Awarded Grand and Gold at Clio Health Awards 2023

TBWA\HAKUHODO has won the Grand Prize and a Gold at the Clio Health Awards 2023 for SHELLMET, an environmentally friendly protective helmet made from discarded scallop shells, developed in partnership with Koushi Chemical Industry Co.

Clio Health was founded in 2009 as an extension of the world-renowned Clio Awards competition. The prestigious program was established to celebrate and reward excellence in the expansive and ever-evolving global health industry, recognizing innovation in creative marketing, advertising and communications in the fields of physical, mental and social well-being. 

Award detail
・<Grand Clio> Design (Consumer Brand Health Initiative)
・<Gold> Innovation (Consumer Brand Health Initiative) – Physical Product Innovation

<What is SHELLMET?>
Shells that have protected themselves from foreign enemies are today reborn to protect people and planet. Scallops are one of the largest domestic marine exports in Japan, which after processing became one of the largest marine wastes causing an environmental concern for the entire village and surrounding community.
Identifying this issue, Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and TBWA HAKUHODO focused on a solution. With the main ingredient of scallop shells being calcium carbonate, research to create a new raw material began. We also recognised scallop shells as an important resource to support the village, and began efforts to recycle them. Based on the idea of “biomimicry,” which applies the mechanisms of the natural world to technological development, we incorporated a special ribbed structure into the design that mimics the structure of scallop shells, which are part of the material. As a result, the durability is improved by about 30% compared to the case without the ribbed structure, even though less material is used. From material development to design, the product is made in consideration of sustainability with less burden on the environment.

<SHELLMET Partner Companies>
・Product Design: quantum
・Product Development: Koushi Chemical Industry Co.