TBWA\HAKUHODO, Yoichi Ochiai × Japanphil Project VOL.7 Cooperation for “The Inductive Concert”

02 June 2023

Focusing on “Ryukyuan Classical Music” and delivering chemical reactions through AI-based production
Also pre-performance workshops, fieldwork and attempts at satellite performances at a later date 

Date: August 23, 2023(Wed.)Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
(Tickets go on sale Wednesday, June 7; crowdfunding begins Friday, June 2)

TBWA\HAKUHODO will cooperate with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (hereinafter “Japan Philharmonic”) in the “Yoichi Ochiai x Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Project VOL.7 “Inductive Recital” to be held on August 23, 2023.

The Yoichi Ochiai x Japan Philharmonic Project aims to modernize the orchestra-viewing experience through technology, to build a more diverse society through arts and culture, and to disseminate Japanese culture. Unfettered by the conventional wisdom that music is something you listen to with your ears, we have been pursuing the joy of live music based on the concept of “music you can feel with your senses and hear with your body,” and have been working on the fusion of the digital and the real even with the pandemic.

This year, with COVID-19 having been reclassified from Category 2 to Category 5 and the elimination of various infection control measures at concert venues, we will finally be bringing back the project of feeling the “joy of music together” once again. Staged from a worldview where the digital and analog naturally merge into one place, it explores “humanity” from an orchestral perspective.

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