“DIVERSUSHI”, A New and Inclusive Way of Enjoying Dining Inspired by Sushi

15 May 2023

Aiming to invent a dining experience that does not rely on the sense of sight

TBWA\HAKUHODO announced the launch of the “DIVERSUSHI” project that it has planned and been developing as the founding member of the “DIVERSUSHI Project Executive Committee,” initiated by Japanese media artist Yoichi Ochiai and “the world’s brightest visually impaired person” and social entrepreneur Shunsuke Narisawa, “DIVERSUSHI” is a new dining experience that allows people with visual impairments to eat fine-dining food directly with their hands in one bite, intending to solve issues that visually impaired people face when eating and creating a world in which anyone can enjoy meals together regardless of having a visual impairment or not.

With the launch of the “DIVERSUSHI Project,” crowdfunding began in May 2023, with the goal of holding the first dining event which will be held in July.

・Project Website: https://diversushi.org/eng
・Press Release: Click here