08 December 2022

Campaign Asia-Pacific, Asia’s largest advertising magazine, has listed Nobuhiro Arai, the Senior Creative Director of TBWA\HAKUHODO, as one of the “40 under 40″, its prestigious list which recognizes top-tier outstanding young leaders in the media and communications industry. The award highly recognized Arai saying, “his career in advertising has been built on disruptive ideas that are not limited to TBWA, but have raised the overall level of Japan’s creative work.” See the full article here

Arai started his career at Hakuhodo in 2009 and joined TBWA\HAKUHODO in 2012. After spending a year at TBWA\Melbourne (Australia) in 2017, he came back to TBWA\HAKUHODO, and since 2022, he became a Senior Creative Director and is responsible for overall creative direction for a number of global brands. He has garnered attention as a “digital native creative director” with strengths in integrated marketing design that goes beyond traditional advertising, leveraging the power of mobile for engagement planning and evolving user experiences. So far he has received more than 150 prestigious national and international awards, including Gold from Cannes Lions, Grand Prix from CLIO, AdFest, AdStar, and Creator of the Year Medalist.