TBWA\HAKUHODO designs genderless and inclusive chopsticks for couples “The Perfect Pair” to undo cultural stereotypes and celebrate diversity in love and marriage

22 November 2022

TBWA\HAKUHODO has designed a genderless chopsticks set called “The Perfect Pair” to celebrate diversity in love and marriage. “The Perfect Pair” are handcrafted chopsticks made for marrying couples that disregard the gender of either party. It is a disruption of the traditional celebratory items for marrying men and women called “Me-Oto-Bashi” (Literally: “husband” and “wife” chopsticks) which have for centuries designated a “manly” design (longer, black) for men, and “womanly” design (shorter, red) for women. To undo these cultural stereotypes and codes, the team of TBWA\HAKUHODO developed “The Perfect Pair” to be equal in length, width and overall look to “fit” anyone and everyone.

The genderless “The Perfect Pair” will go on sale from November 22, 2022, Japan’s “Good Couple Day,” on the official website of Matsukan Co., the partner company specializing in making chopsticks, and in department stores in Japan. In conjunction with the launch, TBWA\HAKUHODO is starting “The Perfect Pair Gift Project” to bring more creativity, disruption and diversity to the age-old gender stereotype-saturated “gifts for married couples” market.

TBWA\HAKUHODO will continue to update traditional cultural symbols, disrupting stereotypes, and create new products that are more inclusive and respectful towards the current times, becoming the “creative force for meaningful changes in society.”

・Project Official Website: https://matsukan.com/fuufu/
・Press Release: click here