65dB TOKYO unveils “Spike Scan,” a new service combining future forecasting data and social voice analysis

12 September 2022

65dB TOKYO, a strategic marketing arm of TBWA\HAKUHODO conducting consumer and market research through “social listening” by analyzing the voices of SNS users, has announced the launch of “Spike Scan”, a new service that melds future forecast data with social voice analysis.

In addition to the global method that analyzes the issues of more than 50 companies in Japan, Paris, China, and other countries around the world, the indications of waveform “spikes,” which represent changes in the amount of buzz in the world, can be combined with past SNS data and AI trend forecasting tools to enable early detection of “signs” that could become mid- to long-term trends. Based on the data derived from the “Spike Scan” analysis, 65dB plans to provide peerless marketing support services.

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