“Hi Toilet” Wins 2 Bronze at Clio Awards 2022

21 April 2022

At Clio Awards 2022, Hi Toilet, the world’s first voice-operated public toilet, designed by TBWA\HAKUHODO was awarded 2 Bronze from <Design-Spatial Design> and <Innovation-Product Innovation> category.

Designed as part of THE TOKYO TOILET project by the Nippon Foundation, this public toilet distinguishes itself via its “Voice Command” operational capabilities. The voice command allows users to open and close the door, flush, activate the handwashing, and even play the music. With this technology, Hi Toilet aims to provide a sense of comfort, clean and fun. The bright white spherical building will feature a ceiling height of up to four meters, which is also shaped to control airflow and prevent odors from stagnating. A 24-hour ventilation system that combines natural air supply and mechanical exhaust is installed for air control.

The result of the Clio Awards 2022 is as follows.

【Award Details】
<Bronze> Design / Spatial Design
<Bronze> Innovation / Product Innovation

【Hi Toilet Partner Companies】
Assistance on External Design: quantum
Assistance on Structure Design: Kubo Tsushima Architects
Assistance on Voice Command: Birdman