TBWA’s Backslash Reveals 36 Cultural Shifts Shaping Our World

07 April 2022

This year’s Edges explore a fresh take on reality, sex, wealth, and everything in between

Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit of TBWA\Worldwide, released its annual glossary of Edges. More than a trend report, Edges are defined as meaningful cultural shifts that have the scale and longevity to propel a brand towards a greater share of the future. The glossary’s 36 Edges span categories and countries, offering a comprehensive overview of the key shifts paving a new way forward.

The glossary also explores a larger cultural redefinition of progress, with the big question for 2022 being “What does progress look like?”

Backslash’s rigorous set of criteria requires that Edges be rooted in human values, be recognizable through consumer behaviors, and lead to clear business implications. In order to be declared an Edge, identified shifts must have sustained relevance for over a year and should continue to matter for the foreseeable future. Each Edge must also be globally relevant, manifesting in a majority of the world’s regions.

The complete list of 40 Edges can be downloaded here.

Press release: click here