TBWA\HAKUHODO Supports “P&G Academy for Women Entrepreneurs” Jointly Held by P&G and WEConnect International

17 March 2022

P&G know-how and training shared for essential business leadership skills to 21 women entrepreneurs from all around Japan

TBWA\HAKUHODO has supported carrying out the “P&G Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as P&G Academy)” jointly held by Procter and Gamble Japan (Hereinafter referred to as P&G Japan) and WEConnect International for business leaders of women-owned companies, from Feb 1 to Mar 8 2022, via online.

P&G Academy was structured with the curriculum that shares the hitherto undisclosed-to-the-public know-how of P&G Japan, TBWA\HAKUHODO and WEConnect International. Designed to help women entrepreneurs explore and discover ways to strengthen their businesses, President of P&G Japan, Stanislav Vecera and President of WAMazing Fumiko Kato, along with other leaders within P&G Japan were invited to speak and share with the participants about skills and personal tips on essential business skills including leadership, marketing communication, or equality & inclusion.

Through its rich creative oeuvre, TBWA\HAKUHODO has consistently been sending out the message of diversity and inclusion to the world. It will continue to do everything it can to support women’s empowerment in all fields, and will also continue to help build a more inclusive society for all people.

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