TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Kazoo Sato, Satoshi Chikayama, and Takahiro Hosoda Join Spikes Asia 2022 Jury

09 February 2022

TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Chief Creative Officer Kazoo Sato, Executive Creative Directors Satoshi Chikayama and Takahiro Hosoda have been selected as jury members for this year’s Spikes Asia, one of Asia’s largest advertising competitions and festivals. Held annually in Singapore, both judging and the festival itself will be held entirely online again this year. With a theme of “A New Creativity Dawns,” this year’s awards will be announced on the final day of the March 1–3 festival.

Jury President, Entertainment and Music
Kazoo Sato, TBWA\HAKUHODO Chief Creative Officer 

“It is five years since 2017, when I was first asked to serve as President of the then Music jury. Looking around in 2022, content platforms and services that were still small in 2017 have grown exponentially to be absolutely mainstream today. Moreover, they have become so much a part of life for Gen Zers and Millennials that they spend most of their time there. But it is not easy to make a brand shine on these platforms. To become a brand that is loved and talked about there, you need to have great ideas and the perfect sense of distance with your audience. I look forward to exploring entertainment’s present and branding’s future through discussions with noted Asian jury members.” 

Jury member, Social & Influencer
Satoshi Chikayama, TBWA\HAKUHODO Executive Creative Director

“The Cyber category was discontinued at Cannes Lions in 2018. At Spikes, the Digital category was dropped in 2021, while the Social & Influencer category was introduced this year. The abolishment of categories is the history of evolution. Rather than being ‘no longer needed,’ these categories became matter of fact. That being so, what will start showing signs of being matter of fact in 2022? Because people saying, ‘Aren’t they just changing the name…?’ would not be a good look.”

Jury member, Brand Experience & Activation and Creative eCommerce
Takahiro Hosoda, TBWA\HAKUHODO Executive Creative Director

“Can brands be built with only digital experiences? How can we get a generation that does not come in contact with advertising wildly enthusiastic? What is required to make a purpose something that spurs business change rather than just a self-satisfied business poem?
This is a category where result-generating creative solutions for problems that trouble today’s brand people come together. I hope to find valuable work that can be modeled by others.”