TBWA\HAKUHODO produces a new TV commercial for Koala Mattress

09 June 2021

〜Representing the disruption of “comfort sleep” through Koala Sleep’s technology〜

TBWA\HAKUHODO has produced a new TV commercial for “Koala Mattress” by Koala Sleep Japan KK, which went on air from May 19, 2021, with the title of “Ultimate Koala Comfort Until Morning”.

The concept of the Koala mattress is to deliver a blissful sleep with outstanding support through “Zero Disturbance Technology”, which does not spread vibrations horizontally and absorbs movements from tossing and turning.

In the new commercial, the giant koala, the symbol of the Koala Mattress brand, is depicted as a mattress, expressing the soft and comfortable feeling of sleeping on the product. The creative team aimed to depict the feeling of comfort sleeping on a mattress with zero disturbance technology, not through logical explanation but solely through sensation.

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