TBWA’s Backslash Releases 2021 Edges

05 March 2021

Introducing 40 Global Cultural Shifts Shaping Our World
This Isn’t Just a Trend Report. It’s a Glimpse Into a New Chapter of Our History. Welcome to Year Zero.

Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit of TBWA\Worldwide, released its annual glossary of Edges.

More than a trend, an Edge is defined as a meaningful cultural shift that has the scale and longevity to propel a brand toward a greater share of the future.

Backslash examines cultural shifts with an eye toward business impact, identifying opportunities for disruptive growth. This year, the opportunities are especially significant, says Agathe Guerrier, Co-Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA\Worldwide. “The pandemic has precipitated a cosmic reshuffle of global realities, social norms, and individual beliefs. A world is ending, and another is being born. 2021 isn’t just another year, it’s Year Zero. And so this isn’t just a trend report. It’s a glimpse into a new chapter of our history.”

Backslash’s 2021 Edges explore the cultural shifts shaping our world in six chapters: Chaos, Preservation, Advancement, Identity, Liberation, and Rebirth.
The complete list of 40 Edges can be downloaded here.

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