“SHELLMET” wins place in “Good Design Best 100” of the 2023 Good Design Awards

27 October 2023

TBWA\HAKUHODO won a place in the “Good Design Best 100” for the 2023 Good Design Awards for “SHELLMET”, the environmentally-friendly protective helmet.

Comment from the Good Design Awards jury:
“We learned that more than 40,000 tons of scallop shells are discarded and left to rot along the coastline of Sarufutsu village, Japan. This village boasts the largest annual catch of scallops in all of Japan, however they were facing dire environmental issues with the buildup of decaying, discarded waste shells on its beaches. With contamination of the soil bed a major threat, SHELLMET proves itself to be an idea that turns crisis into opportunity. The very material (scallop shells) that threaten the ecology of the locale are turned into a sustainable material for production. SHELLMET boasts a very transparent supply chain too, offering consumers and businesses a glimpse into how sustainable business models and supply chains actually work.
The scallop shells are the source of calcium carbonate, which help create a highly durable material from which the safety helmets are made. In light of todays’ many opaque “sustainable” products and initiatives, this simplicity and transparency is proving very popular and deeply likeable.
The shape of the helmet and the colors available also denote a strong “natural” feel.
The product is designed in a way that it communicates its own story very well.”

【What is SHELLMET?】
Shells are natures design to protect organisms from danger.
Now shells are reborn to protect people and the earth.
In Japan, scallops command the highest prices in export value while the demand for Japanese scallops continues to grow.
Although good for the economy, the tons of discarded scallop shells are contaminating local soil and having a severe environmental impact.
Koshi Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. And TBWA\HAKUHODO took on the challenge of turning scallop shells from waste to resource.
Scallop fishermen routinely wear helmets to protect themselves from danger.
Helmets are also common throughout earthquake-prone Japan where they are a standard issue disaster prevention item owned by many.
This inspired us to create helmets for the scallop fishermen and Japanese people from all walks of life made from scallop shells.

We focused on the components found in the shell and its structure. Scallop shells contain calcium carbonate which is a highly versatile chemical that is used in various applications to increase strength and durability, such as being added to cement.
As for the design of the helmet, it took inspiration from one of natures’ most durable designs, the seashell. Based on the idea of “biomimicry”, the ribbed grooves of the scallop shell (which enhance structural strength) were incorporated into the design of the helmet, making it 33% stronger compared to conventional helmets.

Utilizing discarded shells to design and create a superior product, with minimal environmental impact.
SHELLMET is a true embodiment of the spirit of sustainability.

【SHELLMET partner companies】
・Product Design : quantum
・Product Development : Koshi Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

【SHELLMET info online】
・Official site URL:https://koushi-chem.co.jp/hotamet/
・Product Movie ーURL:https://youtu.be/_9k2elL3btI