TBWA\HAKUHODO wins Grand Prix in the “direct” category for “THE UNOFFICIAL LAUNCH” at the 2023 Clio Sports Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious advertising awards

07 December 2023

~ Gold and Silver wins in a total of 7 categories in recognition of Disruptive creativity ~

“THE UNOFFICIAL LAUNCH” is a hitherto unseen approach to creating buzz amongst soccer fans by using “leaks” and “fakes” on social media to the brands advantage. This project won Grand Prix in the Direct category and Gold in the Social Media category and Silver in the Fan Engagement category. 

The “ProPILOT MOP” creative developed by the agency, with a particular focus on increasing youth target engagement with client brand, won Gold in the Innovation category and Silver in Branded Content, Experiential and Partnerships & Sponsorships categories respectively.

The Clio Awards is a highly reputable international advertising award established in 1959. Awarding all forms of creativity, The Clio Awards covers advertising, sports, fashion, music, entertainment, and healthcare. It is considered one of the top three most prestigious advertising awards out there.

TBWA\HAKUHODO wins as follows:


●Direct (sub-category: Social Media):Grand Prix

●Social Media (sub-category: Twitter):Gold

●Fan Engagement (sub-category: Social Media):Silver

Advertiser:Adidas Japan

Work Outline:

In order to maximize excitement for the Japan national soccer teams new uniforms for the 2022 World Cup, the agency took the rising instances of pre-launch “leaks” and used it to the brands advantage. The agency brought together the talents of manga artists behind hugely popular soccer-themed manga titles like “Blue Rock” and “Giant Killing” to collaborate with Adidas to “leak” information on the new uniforms before offical launch. This controlled leak initiated behind-the-scenes by the brand succeeded in generating huge buzz by sparking speculation and discussion among soccer fans on social media, leading up to the official launch. This disruptive approach took what is usually a malady for brands and turned it into an advantage, contributing to an 816% increase in uniform sales compared to the previous tournament. *Sales numbers from online shop 4 weeks after release.


●Innovation (sub-category: Medium Innovation):Gold

●Branded Contents (sub-category: Experiential):Silver

●Experiential (sub-category: Event Activation):Silver

●Partnerships & Sponsorships (sub-category: Brand):Silver

Advertiser:Nissan Motor Corporation

Work Outline:

“ProPILOT MOP” was developed with inspiration from Nissan’s advanced piloted drive technology “ProPILOT 2.0.” Like how ProPILOT 2.0 can autonomously drive a car, the ProPILOT MOP can move across a basketball court completely independent of anyone pushing it or holding it up. As it moves along, driving itself, it can read any obstacles in the way to avoid, allowing ProPILOT MOP to clean the floor surface without any disruption. Equipped with a function that inputs information on the basketball court and precise positional controls via sensors, ProPILOT MOP was even capable of performing a synchronized dance with the “Nissan Performers” dance team.