16 December 2020

At Transit Advertising Awards 2020 held by JR East Marketing & Communications, TBWA\HAKUHODO won the Grand Prix prize for its work with Adidas Japan “Speed is, not just one thing. (速さは、ひとつじゃない。)”

Transit Advertising Awards 2020 is an advertising award for advertising works at traffic sites, and annually best works that are “making full use of the characteristics of traffic advertising,” “high level of completeness as an advertisement,” with “new attempts and new perspectives.”
In the judgment critique, the work was recognized as “a groundbreaking project that makes full use of the walls, floor, and ceiling. As befits a sports company, it embraces people as they walk and promotes the message in a physical way.”

The award result is as follows(Award detail page
Transit Advertising Award (TAA) 2020 Grand Prix
・Advertiser: Adidas Japan K.K.
・Title: Speed is, not just one thin
・Media: Shinjuku Super Wrapping

・Production Staffs
Executive Creative Director: Takahiro Hosoda (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Creative Director: Norihito Takahashi (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Art Director: Takeshi Matsuda (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Activation Planner: Sekiya Anhelo Takumi (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Copywriter: Mako Ono (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Producer: Kaoru Ootani (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Strategic Planner: Yuichiro Horie (TBWA\HAKUHODO), Yoku Ishida (TBWA\HAKUHODO), Maako Yokoyama (TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account: Yusuke Yasuda (TBWA\HAKUHODO), Emma Takahashi (TBWA\HAKUHODO)