TBWA\HAKUHODO Releases Handbooks for Natural Disasters Preparedness during COVID-19 Era

17 September 2020


Promoting an Easy Understanding of Heavy Rain, Typhoon and Heatwaves Preparation


During the strange time of COVID-19, the correct understanding and preparedness of the natural disasters has never been more important, because people not only have to prepare and evacuate properly when affected but also consider pandemic preventive measures to prevent infection.


To ease people’s frustration and confusion from continuous natural disasters and constantly increasing positive cases of COVID-19 but lack of guidance on preparedness for both situations, TBWA\HAKUHODO has formed a team with its members, Shoji Sasaki, a former Deputy Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of Cabinet Office Japan Disaster Management and Tetsuya Myojo, an executive of Japan Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster and conducted interviews with experts on weather and medical services to publish series of Disaster Preparedness Handbooks.


It is as a part of “TH for Good”, its unique initiative to drive social good launched in 2020 – the creative agency has been actively supporting its members who are voluntarily initiating actions for solving environmental, social issues.


Originally designed in Japanese, the publishing of English version is in the hope that it will be useful to the foreigners living in Japan but do not understand Japanese, noticing there is not enough information provided in English for the emergency situation in the pandemic era. TBWA\HAKUHODO is hoping the release of this informative handbook can help protect the lives and health of as many people as possible in Japan and in the world.


・Preparation for Heavy Rain and Typhoon 2020

・Precaution for Heat Stroke 2020


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