TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Award Winning Office Space Expands Opening a New Home of Disruption®︎

03 February 2020


Twice Awarded for their Outstanding Innovation in Office Space Design, TBWA\HAKUHODO Expands Under the Design Concept of “Urbanity”


TBWA\HAKUHODO has unveiled a major new expansion to its existing office space, with an official launch taking place late January 2020, with the concept centered around “Urbanity”.


“Urbanity” is the design concept of TBWA\HAKUHODO’s third and latest expansion phase located on the 4th floor of the same building, the agency currently occupies, which originally was a vintage bowling alley. The new office is focused on a balance between “personal” and “collaborative” spaces.


The new lounge and café spaces are designed to encourage communication, while a new workshop space and library is perfect for brainstorming. Meeting rooms of all sizes, spaces for individuals, and one-on-one rooms for interactive discussion have all been created to meet a more diverse range of working needs.


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