21 October 2019


A unique data analytics capability providing deeper strategic understanding through consumer conversations


TBWA\HAKUHODO Japan has announced the launch of 65dB TOKYO, a social media monitoring, listening and analysis arm, to bring real consumer conversation to the heart of its strategic capabilities.


65dB was acquired by TBWA\Group in 2018, and is now expanding across the global network, including France and South Africa. The name derives from the average volume level of human conversation – 65 decibels.


The new offering focuses on developing marketing strategy based on deep social media conversation analysis. Millions of publically available online conversations are funneled through its proprietary social listening and analytical tools, extracting valuable insights into the hearts and minds of consumers and how they interact with brands and competition, which then inform and drive brand and business strategies rooted in consumer needs and desires.


65dB TOKYO will work in tandem with TBWA\HAKUHODO’s global creative muscle, providing holistic creative solutions for brands.


Find out more at: http://65db.jp
Press Release: Click here