TBWA\HAKUHODO unveils new in-house content studio – DISCO

26 September 2019

(Minato-ku, Tokyo) TBWA\HAKUHODO Japan has announced the launch of DISCO, a progressive new in-house content studio to bring the company’s proprietary Disruption® methodology to a new age of content production. Assembled from a unique range of specialists – and some of the best international talents in motion-graphics, music, and film – DISCO will provide a one-stop shop for agile content production.


As media consumption continues to shift to mobile devices and popular content taking up many forms and styles – from two minute online films, to 15s user-generated content, and increasingly more gamified content – TBWA\HAKUHODO looks to future-proof its production capabilities with the launch of DISCO and a new wave of diverse creators.


Core members of DISCO include –
Kiyotaka Sumiyoshi, one of Japan’s Top 100 motion graphics designer in 2019, having excelled TBWA\Chiat\Day New York after graduating from Parsons School of Art and Design NY.
Seiya Matsumiya, a Californian artist and music supervisor who has shared the stage with artists such as Flea, Maroon 5, Cat Power, and Apparat, and won awards at Emmys, CLIOs, and PromaxBDA.
Shinri Abe, a film, TV, and music video director who has worked under world-renowned Japanese filmmaker, Takashi Miike, and also has experience in Australia on several international film sets.


Together they have an agenda to transform the entire process of content production – from planning to development and delivery – to create a more agile, innovative and experimental studio for developing 21st century content.


“As content plays an ever-increasing role in our clients’ marketing mix, relevancy and consistent output have become crucial factors for effectiveness. But this has increased expectations for speed and cost efficiency,” said Chris Iki, Chief Operating Officer at TBWA\HAKUHODO. “With DISCO, we’ve built a unique team around an agile operating model that doesn’t compromise on quality, whilst delivering content that is dedicated to adding brand value and contributing to the business growth of our clients.”


DISCO is not only limited to advertising communications, but also develops original cultural content for the agency and its brands. Most recently, the team developed Japan’s only Gold Cannes Lions 2019 winner – THE MOST CHALLENGING PINGPONG TABLE for Japan Para Table Tennis Association – from product creation, event organization to film production.


“In today’s world, we’re inundated with a wide array of video content because it’s so easy for anyone to shoot content, even with just a mobile phone, and release it,” said Kazoo Sato, Chief Creative Officer and executive creative director at TBWA\HAKUHODO. “That’s why we founded DISCO – to strive for a new level of stand-out quality and creativity that others won’t be able to emulate – combining the talents of a multi-skilled film, music video, and advertising director, with one of Japan’s most progressive motion graphics designers, and a music supervisor with a worldwide network of musicians. I’m excited to see DISCO become a pioneer in the field of branded content production.”


The name DISCO comes from the abbreviation of ‘Disruption Content’, but also represents the original purpose of a disco – a safe place for social gatherings of minorities, which then evolved to become the launch pad of new cultures. The TBWA\HAKUHODO office is coincidently located where Tokyo’s legendary ‘Disco Juliana’ once stood.