TBWA\HAKUHODO launches a new online broadcasting channel called ‘THE_’

02 November 2018

TBWA\HAKUHODO launched a new online content channel called ‘THE_’, which captures Japan’s emerging trends, technology, and cultural shifts that might have influence on society. Not only does this channel help clients better understand and monitor consumer behavior, it also boasts the agency’s ability to create great culturally relevant content at speed.


TBWA\HAKUHODO has developed creative works based on cultural insights. For example, Animegaphone, a megaphone that can convert the user’s voice into someone else’s voice instantaneously, was developed by analyzing anime fan’s behavior and interests. It has already been used in many anime related events, and has grabbed the attention of anime-lovers everywhere – using noted anime voice-over actors.


Chris Iki, Chief Operating Officer:

“TBWA prides itself in being the cultural engine for 21st century businesses, and Japan is second to none when it comes to unique innovations and cultural trends. There has always been a global fascination with Japan, so with this new platform, we hope to showcase the best of our country’s weird and wonderful behaviors.”


FACEBOOK CHANNEL – @theculturalbroadcast


Recent films include:

THE Yopparai (drunkard)
Japan is the only country which allows people to drink outside in the streets.
This clip takes a look at Japan’s drinking culture from a foreigner’s point of view.


THE Takumi(master)
LEVEL is a Japanese bicycle shop which has received accolades worldwide. What is the secret in the craftmanship that mesmerizes craftworkers from other parts of the world? An interview with the master craftworker himself, explains the art of creating custom made bicycles.