TBWA\HAKUHODO boosts culture content capability

01 November 2018

TBWA\HAKUHODO has announced the appointment of Kohei Ikeda as Content Planner in charge of planning and production of social media content. He is the creative mastermind behind teen mega-hit content.


Ikeda will bring his star power to further strengthen the company’s content capabilities targeting Gen-Z consumers. His expertise and sharp cultural insights are uniquely suited to social media, and has seen him produce internet gold over recent years with more than 3,000 YouTube films garnering more than 800 million total views.


His regular wacky content has helped accumulate over 960K followers on Twitter, with one video becoming the #1 most viral film in Japan for the first half of 2018. The content averages 10,000 retweets, earning over 500 million impressions in the first 10 months.


Ikeda has also created a unit that spearheads talent development for pop idols/groups and has organized concert tours in 11 countries. He is one of Japan’s hottest content creators and continues to receive media accolades in Japan and overseas, underlining the impact of his work in terms of PR and strategic business development.


Kazoo Sato, Chief Creative Officer/Executive Creative Director:
“It’s no exaggeration to say that Kohei is Japan’s number one Gen-Z content creator. He brings an entirely different perspective from ad agency creators, and that’s what makes it so exciting to have him now communicate for brands. He understands what creates buzz for the smart-phone obsessed generation, and we intend to leverage this sensibility and perspective to involve brands in culture.”


Kohei Ikeda, Content Planner:
“I know content creation inside-out, especially for the teen market. With the predominance of smartphone content consumption among teenagers, they are the leaders in shifting definitions of what constitutes “movies” online. This is my first time working at an advertising agency and I’m very excited to use my experience to add wider cultural perspectives in building bridges between brands and consumers.”


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