24 May 2017

TBWA\HAKUHODO has invested a 15% share in TechShop Japan, a makerspace established by Fujitsu in 2015.

As a playground for creativity, TechShop was first established in California in 2006. The membership-based DIY workshop and fabrication studio, provides access to innovative equipment, tools and software, as well as to instructional classes on how to use them.

It currently operates in nine locations across the United States, while the only operation in Asia is TechShop Japan.

TBWA\HAKUHODO has also introduced its subsidiary \QUANTUM as a strategic partner in the venture to support the development and provisioning of new programs. Operating as a ‘Startup Studio’, \QUANTUM provides the resources, support and know-how to incubate pioneering innovation.

\QUANTUM has orchestrated inspired collaborations between unique minds and businesses. These sometimes unlikely partnerships have resulted in successful co-creations of novel products, services and have even spun off unexpected new businesses. The collaborations bring potential for new business development and growth for both major corporations and startups alike.

By harnessing the creative minds at TBWA\HAKUHODO and supported by the expertise of \QUANTUM’s product designers, engineers and consultants, the joint venture aims to promote innovation through ‘Monozukuri’ (making things) and ‘3D-ificatioin of creativity’ – reflecting modes of creation centered around digital files, CAD and 3D printing, that are fast becoming the staples of creativity.

As the competitive nature of our industry escalates, challenging agencies to diversify and disrupt, we’re very excited about our new relationship with TechShop Japan, which will allow us to work with and guide some of the most innovative creators in Japan,” said Chris Iki, Chief Operating Officer at TBWA\HAKUHODO. “This partnership will also help harness a true ‘maker culture’ in our own company, continually extending the boundaries of our creative ideas, with new tools at our disposal to prototype and develop innovative concepts.”