And Silver for Quiksilver “TRUE WETSUITS”

08 July 2016

TOKYO, JAPAN – Friday July 8, 2016: CLIO SPORTS has awarded Nissan’s “X-TREME GOLF CUP” the Grand CLIO in the Direct Category (Digital/Mobile). The campaign was developed by TBWA\HAKUHODO.
The “X-TREME GOLF CUP” featured 18 holes around the most grueling golf course ever played, over 1,934 kilometres on a 6,013- yard course. X-TREAME GOLF CUP has evolved into a whole new extreme sport, complete with official rules and specially customized courses. Targeting outdoor sports enthusiasts, and their addiction to adventure, TBWA\HAKUHODO partnered with Nissan to produce this uniquely branded sporting event, which not only perfectly showcased the outstanding driving performance and fuel efficiency of the Nissan X-TRAIL HYBRID, but also created a whole new ‘Xtreme’ sporting category.

TBWA\HAKUHODO has also been awarded Silver in the Direct Category (Other) for Quiksilver Japan’s “TRUE WETSUITS”. Co-produced by the agency with Quiksilver, the wetsuit enables the busy salarymen surfer to hit the early morning waves before launching into their mundane daily office routine.

Takahiro Hosoda, the Creative Director for both winning works comments; “We’re X-TREMELY honored to receive this recognition from the CLIO SPORTS. We’re especially excited as our campaigns have created a whole new extreme sporting adventure for our extreme sporting community, and broken down barriers that often prevent super busy surfers, from doing what they love best.

In the end, we’re all athletes who enjoy super tough sports called advertising.”