TBWA\HAKUHODO\QUANTUM launches own brand, “QM”.

01 December 2015

TBWA\HAKUHODO\QUANTUM (aka QUANTUM) announces to launch its own brand, called as “QM(ku-mu)”. QM stands for Quantum Makers, as well as meaning ‘collaboration (ku-mu)’ in Japanese.

The first product developed by QM, is the IoT Light Installation Art called “kizuki.”. This product can be found at the lobby of Hotel Risveglio Akasaka, which was opened on the 1st of December 2015.

QM’s philosophy is “Creating a Colorful Experience with
TE℃HNOLOGY”. With its human centric approach, QM’s mission will be to add colors to people’s everyday lifestyles through design and technology with a human touch.

In recent years, the progress of fabrication machines has been enabling anyone to become a ‘maker’ without possessing their own manufacturing facilities. There are increasing demands for cutting edge products that provide totally new experience powered by technology.

QM is going to launch series of products and services to meet these rising needs, by leveraging their human centric approach along with our core capability of product design, software and hardware development, business development and marketing.

Our first product, ”kizuki.” is a loT Light Installation Art that changes its colors according to real-time online weather forecasts.

The daily weather forecast is an essential everyday information for everyone, particularly for travellers staying at a hotel.

The intuitive and comfortable user experience created by this installation will allow you to subtly ‘feel’ the weather directly in the hotel lobby area, even without opening any apps in your smartphone.

The light panels will reflect the real-time weather as well as the forecasts for the next 12 hours by blinking elegantly. The letter ‘R’, taken from the Hotel Risveglio Akasaka logo, changes colors according to weather change. With the alteration of lights, users can easily sense and feel what the weather of the day will be like.

The Open Weather Map API is used as weather forecast information source.

For the ‘kizuki.’ project, QUANTUM has collaborated with Mr. Shun Kawakami of artless Inc.. QUANTUM lead in product design and software development while artless Inc. took charge of art direction, naming and logo design.

Based on the same concept base, new versions of this product for home or office use are currently under development, and planned to be launched in 2016.

■ About QM

QM is a new brand produced by TBWA\HAKUHODO\QUANTUM(QUANTUM)that utilizes its diversified experiences and know-hows in business development, product design, software development, hardware development and branding to create unique new user experiences through its products and services. QM’s philosophy is “Creating a Colorful Experience with TE℃HNOLOGY”. With its human centric approach, QM’s mission will be to add colors to people’s everyday lifestyles through design and technology with a human touch.

By not possessing specific core technologies or big manufacturing facilities, QM has the freedom to focus on people and their needs without any limitations from a blank canvas perspective. QM will to bring colors to our lives through beautiful design and seamless UX, which intertwine with our lives.

QM works in collaboration with partners across Japan and the world. QM will bring about innovation that does not limit itself to any single genre or area.

■ About artless Inc.

artless Inc. is a branding and design consulting firm that uses an art & design-based approach.

Established in 2001, by Shun Kawakami.

Numerous awards and accolades both overseas and in Japan including: Gold at the Cannes Lion, NY ADC, Young Guns, NY TDC, The One, Show, D&AD, London International Award iF design award, DFAA (Hong Kong), Tokyo TDC, Good Design Awards, Tokyo Interactive Ad Award etc..


QUANTUM carries out 3 pillars of business, which are QUANTUM Accelerator, QUANTUM Partnership and QUANTUM Makers. QUANTUM Accelerator adopts the business model of matching startups with large corporations as it’s central axis and offers comprehensive support to foster innovation via cross-fertilization of corporate power and revolutionary startup ideas and technologies. QUANTUM Partnership works on mid/long-term innovation consultation and joint venture developments. QUANTUM Makers utilizes QUANTUM know-how and develops unique and revolutionary products and services in-house.

QM website: click here

artless.Inc website: click here

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