TBWA\HAKUHODO\QUANTUM Launches Development Environment Support for Startups Using Google’s Cloud Platform

05 November 2014

TBWA\HAKUHODO\QUANTUM, a new organization established by TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. has launched a Development Environment Support Program with a focus on creating an innovative Internet of Things (IoT)”. It provides access to Google Cloud Platform for startup businesses participating in \QUANTUM Accelerator, a corporate accelerator service which has already launched services in collaboration with Amazon Data Services Japan KK, Sakura Internet Inc., and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.. With the addition of the Cloud Platform from Google Inc., the organization now has four partner companies that offer significant benefits to the startups participating in its program.

\QUANTUM Accelerator Partner Company and Benefits Offered:

Google Inc.

Technical support and special credits ($500/company) for use of Google Cloud Platform.

■\QUANTUM Accelerator

\QUANTUM Accelerator provides comprehensive support for business development through the co-creation of a program called: “innovative technology and ideas of a startup” in combination with “the power of a major corporation”, based on a foundation of corporate venturing acceleration.

Hakuhodo’s in-depth knowledge of the Japanese market, combined with TBWA’s global network, enables the organization to provide management support from project managers experienced in both major corporations that act as sponsors as well as from the perspective of the startups participating in projects. A wide range of other creative members also provide support, including experienced designers and engineers, along with growth hacker teams.

Based on its belief that getting major corporations and startups working together is crucial to building an innovation ecosystem in Japan, \QUANTUM is committed to continuing to offer support services to startups as it pursues a variety of collaborations.


QUANTUM is a business unit within TBWA\HAKUHODO that was established to cultivate, enhance and accelerate innovations beyond the field of advertising. For more information on QUANTUM, please visit: click here