AIG Japan – #DiversityIsStrength


TBWA\HAKUHODO develops “UNITED BLACK FABRIC”. An entirely new kind of fabric – black on the surface, but when stretched, revealing the colors of the rainbow – was custom-designed, developed and created by the agency for AIG Japan Holdings(AIG Japan), symbolizing the theme of its “DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH” campaign. The campaign spearheads a large-scale communication campaign being undertaken by AIG Japan to declare its stance against discrimination and prejudice in any form.


The TBWA\HAKUHODO creative team was inspired by the fact that mixing all the colors of the rainbow, creates black. A special dying technique was developed in which a fabric that would normally appear black, reveals the full spectrum of a rainbow’s colors when stretched. Marking a world first, the “UNITED BLACK FABRIC” was born. A film was created starring players from the All Blacks, the New Zealand men’s national rugby team, and the Black Ferns, the New Zealand women’s national rugby team, to carry this important message about diversity and inclusion.