McDonald’s Japan – GODIVA Hot chocolate「Excuse us while we indulge」ver & 「You are the final chocolatier」ver


“GODIVA Hot Chocolate” is a drink made from collaboration between McDonald’s Japan and GODIVA. The most distinctive feature of it is that it is sprinkled with chocolate just before it is served to the customer. This moment is likened to the falling of snow, and we created the message of “chocolate snow falls on grown-ups”. The setting of this commercial series is a luxurious space, and the cup for the drink was also designed with a gorgeous logo on a black background.

Masaki Okada and Kyoka Suzuki appeared in the commercial. Each of the two actors portrayed how they enjoy GODIVA chocolate and read each other’s narration. You can enjoy the drink even more by watching the two commercials together. We hope you will enjoy the luxurious feeling of drinking GODIVA Hot Chocolate from the commercial as well.